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Concrete Sealing Services

Concrete is used in all types of outdoor construction. It is one of the most common materials used to build driveways, pool decks, patios, porches and sidewalks. All types of concrete are extremely hard and durable, but they are also easily damaged by freezing water, oil, salt and erosion. Sealing your concrete will not only preserve it's appearance, but also extend it's life and protect your investment.


It is very important to seal and protect it from the damaging effects of salt, erosion and freezing water. Although concrete or cement is very hard and durable, it is also very porous. Sealing and waterproofing your concrete or cement will not only protect it from the weather, but also reduce mold and mildew growth and make it easier to clean in the future. PDX Pressure Wash has different types of sealers available depending on your unique needs and desires. From a rich glossy wet look to a completely natural appearance, we will work with you to help you choose the product that is right for you.