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The cleanest call you'll ever make!

Portland Pressure Wash ServicesPDX Pressure Wash began as Aerowash, Inc. back in1996 with the goal of providing home owners and businesses a bit more than pressure washing services. The goal then, as it still is today, is to provide the most extraordinary customer service experience that our customers will ever have. Of course, to meet that goal, we're as focused as ever on our practices and ensuring that when we leave a job site, not just the roof, driveway, fleet or equipment is spotless, but so is the property. You see, we want you to be fans, but we don't really want you to know we've been there.


PDX Pressure Wash is a privately owned Oregon company serving customers throughout the Portland area. PDX Pressure Wash works with both home owners and businesses and offers a wide array of pressure washing and power cleaning services. In addition, when PDX Pressure Wash cleans your property, there's also no need to worry about harmful chemicals or water run-off. PDX Pressure Wash uses the most environmentally friendly practices available. Learn more about our Green Practices