The Pressure Washing Service for Portland : The cleanest call you'll ever make…

For pressure washing Portland homeowners and businesses turn to PDX Pressure Wash!


As a home owner or business owner there's nothing worse than driving up to your home or property and seeing nothing but dirt, grime and moss buildup. It can really put a crimp on the pride you feel for your home or property, and worse, sends a not so pleasant message to your neighbors and the people you do business with. And beyond the visual of all that dirt, it can actually pose health and safety issues.


If this scene sounds familiar, help is only a call away… and it's the cleanest call you'll ever make!

Pressure Washing Services for Portland Homeowners & Businesses

PDX Pressure Wash works with both home and business owners and provides pressure washing services when you need them so they won't disrupt the flow of your business or lifestyle. And, you'll always be greeted with a ready smile and an easy to work with partner to help you uncover beauty and shine of your property or fleet.


When PDX Pressure Wash cleans your property, there's also no need to worry about harmful chemicals or water run off. PDX Pressure Wash uses the most environmentally friendly practices available. Learn more about our Green Practices